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Regal Beloit

Regal Beloit is a manufacturing company which makes products for the oil n gas, food and beverage and healthcare industry. Couplings, bearings, gear boxes, are some of the products which they are known to make with a vast experience in product design and selection, failure analysis, value stream mapping, product demos, customer training, installation support, project management and business development. They develop sophisticated solutions based on technology such as power transmission solutions, C&I systems and climate solutions to help keep the conditioned environment desirable.

Challenge: To keep a keen eye on different aspects of the organization

New technologies and innovations are a routine for Regal Beloit. It has customers spread across the globe, who have different business needs. Manufacturing and invention of technology which suits the need of each customer is a number 1 priority, followed the customer education, testing and implementation, product guidelines and customer support. With many things on their plate, they must seamlessly align all processes and their main challenge is time. Time tracking and employee management in such situations is crucial. Manually keeping an eye on an employee’s work status is not humanely possible as each department has a different function and every employee in the organization has a different role to play.

Solution: One stop solution for all – TimeLive

To tackle business problems related to time management, TimeLive is a dedicated software for the same. Given the complex nature of Regal’s portfolio, this cloud based solution has an easy-going nature. After being quickly installed at their work premise, tracking time, expenses, project management, tasks and even employee attendance became easier to manage. One of its happy project manager commented, “Within one hour all the queries were nicely answered by showing demonstration. This was excellent!” TimeLive has a 24/7 customer support, which answers customer queries at any given part of the day or night.


The software is a product of thoughtful thinking, where businesses are striving to keep abreast their own challenges, an easy cost effective solution like Teletec’s TimeLive is saver and reduces many discrepancies.

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