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TimeLive Beta

Following Features have been added/Improved in New Version: Zapier Integration Web API WebHook The whole UI has been upgraded to better User Experience Search Option is available on all grids including Dashboard Dropdown Search Option is introduced Team Members are visible with their Initials if their picture is not available…

Read more Sept. 19, 2017

TimeLive 8.5.1

(New) Integration with Quickbook Online. (New) Integration with Active Directory / SAML while using On-Cloud version. (New) Option to customize grid to show / hide columns in “My Tasks” page.

Read more March 18, 2016

TimeLive 8.3.1

(New) Login page Company Logo can be changed on On-Cloud based version. (New) Personalized URL to access TimeLive (for eg. YourCompanyName.livetecs.com). (New) Approval Details view of “TimeOff” entry from “My TimeOff” grid. (New) Validation of Holiday Hours in Timesheet.

Read more November 20, 2015

TimeLive 8.1.2

(New) Google Authentication – sign-in with your google account.

Read more June 24, 2015

TimeLive 8.1.1

In this new version, we have made various changes to make the software more user-friendly. Below is the list of changes made in the new version. (New) Filters are now being saved for all list/grid views.Even after you logged off and re-login again, the list will be filtered by previously…

Read more May 25, 2015

TimeLive 7.1.5

New features include iPhone Application, Expense Module in Android Application, Addition of Custom Fields in “Employee” Datasource of Import/Export CSV. (New) iPhone Application – Capture your time against your clients, projects, and tasks while on the go. (New) Addition of an Expense Module in Android Application. (New) Addition of Custom…

Read more September 09, 2014

TimeLive 7.1.2

New features include Employee TimeOff Audit, TimeOff Audit Reports, Addition of an Option to Show TimeOff Types by Account Or Employee. (New) Addition of an Employee TimeOff Audit. (New) Addition of an Employee TimeOff Audit Report. (New) Addition of an Option to Show TimeOff Types by Account Or Employee. (New)…

Read more June 20, 2014

TimeLive 7.1.1

New features include Android Application, Option to Show Selected Employees in Project Team and Task Team, Show/Hide Disable Project in Reports. (New) Android Application – Capture your time against your clients, projects, and tasks while on the go. (New) Addition of an Option to Show selected Employees in Project Team…

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TimeLive 6.2.7

New features include Update Time Entry Function in API, Department Code in Employee Grid. (New) Addition of Update Time Entry Function in API. (New) Addition of Department Code in Employee Grid. (New) Addition of Option to Select All Admin In Project Team. (Fixed) Bug Fixed related “Timesheet”. (Fixed) Bug Fixed…

Read more August 19, 2013

TimeLive 6.2.6

New features include Time entry Periodic Submission Report in TimeLive. (New) Addition of Time Entry Periodic Submission Report. (New) Addition of “Current Approve” and “Project Approve” fields in Detail Timesheet Report . (New)Addition of “Client” and “Employee” Custom filed in Time Entry data-source. (New) Missing Period filter in “Time Entry…

Read more June 15, 2013

TimeLive 6.2.4

New features include new Client name in Expense sheet and Open LDAP authentication in TimeLive. (New) Addition of Client name in Expense sheet. (New) Open LDAP Authentication Support: TimeLive now supports “Open LDAP Authentication” . (Fixed) Bug Fixed related “Expense Sheet”. (Fixed) Bug Fixed related “TimeLive UI”. (Fixed) Bug Fixed…

Read more May 25, 2013

TimeLive 6.2.3

New features include new Session Timeout Message and Ajax loader in TimeLive. (New) Addition of “Session Timeout Message”. (New) Addition of “Ajax Loader” in TimeLive. (Fixed) Bug Fixed related “Feature Management”. (Fixed) Bug Fixed related “TimeLive UI”. (Fixed) Bug Fixed related “Timesheet”. (Fixed) Bug Fixed related “Quick Books Integration”.

Read more April 20, 2013

TimeLive 6.2.1

New features include new Chart Customization, Expandable Tabbed display of Project and Task Page, Mass Update in My Task. (New) Expandable Tabbed display of Project page. (New) Expandable Tabbed display of Task page. (New) Mass Update option in My Task. (New) Chart customization on dashboard i.e. Chart Type, Caption, etc.…

Read more March 04, 2013

TimeLive 6.0.1

New features include new Project Management Gantt Chart in TimeLive, Balance Validation in My Time Off, Attachment in Projects, Electronic Signature for Employees. (New) Project Management Gantt Chart: TimeLive’s powerful interactive Gantt chart makes planning and managing your projects easier than ever before. Our online project management program allows you…

Read more July 12, 2012

TimeLive 5.2.1

New features include new custom fields in TimeLive and decimal format option in Timesheet. (New) Custom fields: New custom field option allow administrator to create their own customized fields in Project, Client, Employee and Time Entry. “Custom fields” option in other areas is still under development. (New) Decimal format for…

Read more February 28, 2012

TimeLive 4.9.1

New features includes new offline timesheet, ability of changing task percentage within timesheet. (New) Windows Authentication Support: TimeLive now supports “Windows Authentication” with automatic login if users are already logged in Active Directory (New) Offline Timesheet Feature: New option for exporting and importing of Offline Timesheet File in Time Entry.…

Read more January 15, 2012

TimeLive 4.3.1

New features includes new notifications for timesheet due and overdue, new password change policies. (New) Timesheet Due Notification: Automatically send due timesheet notification to employee on last day of “Timesheet” period. (New) Timesheet Overdue Notification: Automatically send overdue timesheets to managers on overdue date of Timesheet. (New) Timesheet Overdue Days:…

Read more October 21, 2011

TimeLive 4.2.1

New features includes major performance improvements in different areas of application. It also includes TimeLive Web Services / API, TimeLive QuickBooks integration tool, new reports, new notifications. TimeLive is now migrated to Microsoft .Net Framework 4. (New) TimeLive Web services / API (SOAP based) to automate and integrate hosted downloadable…

Read more September 25, 2011

TimeLive 3.8.1

This release includes some great features include Mobile support and new option of Timesheet timer. (New) New Mobile support (Beta), designed for fast, easy access over cellular networks (including 3G and 4G networks) and Wi-Fi for entering your timesheet on the fly. To login to mobile URL, just login to…

Read more April 15, 2011

TimeLive 3.7.1

This release includes some major enhancements include new password policies. (New) Password Expiry Period setting in Preferences. (New) Option “Force Password Change” in order to force user to change their password when they first login. (New) “Effective Date” field in Time Off Policy. (New) “Feature Management” option in Admin Option,…

Read more February 20, 2011

TimeLive 3.6.1

This release includes some major enhancements include new improved audit trail etc. (Fixed) Major Timesheet submit performance fixed. (New) Improved Time And Expense Audit Trail. (New) Employee Time off Requests: Major bug fixes related to time off request. (New) Major Accrual Engine bug fixes for time off. (New) Alternate approves:…

Read more December 1, 2010

TimeLive 3.5.1

This release includes some major enhancements include new audit trail etc. (New) DCAA Compliance related changes: More info about DCCA compliant feature in TimeLive (New) Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance related changes: More info about Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance in TimeLive (New) Option to allow Managers and Admin to edit timesheet of other users. (New)…

Read more August 1, 2010

TimeLive 3.2.1

This release includes some major enhancements include new timesheet period types. (New) Timesheet Period Types: TimeLive now supports following “Timesheet Period Types”. Administrator can select employee default timesheet period type in “Admin Options”–>”Working Days”. a) Weekly Timesheet. b) Bi-Weekly Timesheet. c) Semi-Monthly Timesheet (With configurable period start day). d) Monthly…

Read more February 28, 2010

TimeLive 3.1.1

This release includes some major enhancements include new expense entry design and timesheet entry performance improvements. (New) Major performance improvements in time entry. (New) Expense Sheet Design: TimeLive new expense entry design allows users to submit their multiple expenses in single expense sheet. User can then submit those expense sheets…

Read more December 23, 2009

TimeLive 3.0.5

This release includes some major enhancements include Invoice generation and Time entry validations etc. (New) Copy timesheet button in day-view and week-view to copy whole week or whole day timesheet from a previous day. (New) Invoicing option for creating invoices from time and expense records of TimeLive. (New) Validation of…

Read more October 5, 2009

TimeLive 3.0.3

This release includes some major enhancements related to approval and submission setup. (New) TimeLive default view is now changed to “Week-View”. Administrator can change it back to day-view using preferences option [Default Time Entry View]. (New) Submit button is now available only in week-view in order protect adding new time…

Read more July 29, 2009

TimeLive 3.0.1

This release includes some major enhancements including custom reporting, QuickBooks (IIF file) import/export, new user interface languages (Spanish, Chinese, Spanish, Dutch, French) and lot more performance improvements over previous version. (New) TimeLive Custom Reporting: Custom reporting with option to create details and consolidated reports. Administrator can create new reports and…

Read more June 20, 2009

TimeLive 2.94

This release includes some major enhancements related to navigation and functionalities. First non-English language “German” support is also introduced in this version. The changes are as follows: (New) Approval status icon in time entry day-view and week-view: Time entry day-view and week-view now show approval status with different colored icons.…

Read more March 23, 2009

TimeLive 2.91

This release includes improvements in whole TimeLive UI with search bar. CSV Import/Export and international characters support have also been introduced in this release. The changes are as follows: (New) UI Improvements: New decent theme. (New) Search bar: For searching records. (New) Paging: Paging will improve page transfer performance. (New)…

Read more February 2009

TimeLive 2.81

This release includes multi-currency support in expense entry.

Read more November 2008