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About SAS

SAS specializes in the auditing of self-managed superannuation funds (SMSFs), offering professional and comprehensive, and completely independent audit services. Engaging in SAS one can have easily benefit by having expert SMSF auditors on their team and a board for your SMSF auditing needs. They provide valuable services to accounting firms, who are unable to audit SMSFs in-house, with all the up and coming changes as to who can audit SMSFs, including ASIC registration and minimum SMSF audit experience of 300 hours.  SAS makes compliance easy with their friendly team of audit professionals with audits preformed in a timely manner at competitive rates.

Challenge: Managing time against projects

Auditing self-managed super-managed superannuation funds (SMSFs) is a lengthy task; one must be constantly updated on the ever changing requirements for the audits of SMSFS, ASIC registrations process. The demand for SMSF audits is high, with customers from accounting firms who are unable to audit SMSFs or are unwilling to do it themselves; SAS caters to these firms and therefore tracking time and time off is essential. Problems that companies such as SAS face are designing and conducting audits in a timely manner without sacrificing on quality.

Solution: TimeLive – Making time tracking easier

After the administration of TimeLive in to their workspace, tracking time and time off against projects have become easier for them. The online time sheet helps the manager monitor the employee’s productivity and keep a check on their work.  Along with being able to create a perfect tracking system, and offline policies in order to allocate accruals on monthly or yearly basis and sort out the major sources of ineffectiveness on certain projects.

The result:

As a result work has been hassle-free, with supervisors having complete authorization for control to see the problem and work on making their audits more time effective and reducing the wastage of resources.

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