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SF Water, Power, Sewer

The San Francisco water, power and sewer is a public entity which provides drinking water, wastewater treatment and power services to San Francisco and three Bay Area counties. It has over 2300 employees working in seven counties and the annual operating budget stands at $700 million. They provide high quality, efficient and environment friendly services to its customers simultaneously building community support for themselves. They operate with 24/7 customer services solving any problem that comes their way in water management/flow, wastewater management and power supply. It’s transition from wells and streams into a more complex water management system of damns, pipelines and reservoirs were constructed to provide high quality drinking water and with the challenged of time introduced more employees and deployed more projects.

Challenge: Effectively managing a diverse working force

SFPUC has a diverse working force involving field and office support staff who are working hard in the utilities sector. While drinking water, wastewater and power services are the core businesses they operate, they provide other services as well which include water storage, green hydroelectric and solar power. Their billing and payment options must be seamless and that all can be done if the human resources at hand are well communicated and meet their targets to resolve a customer’s problem or repair infrastructure hiccups.

Solution: Livetec’s TimeLive tracking software

SFPUC is committed to align its business according to the international guidelines and practices. Their strategy prioritizes customer satisfaction, accurate meter reading and billing, environmental friendly projects, conservation and efficient use of natural resources, optimization and management of utility services.

Just as a public utilities company like SFPUC work around the clock, to manage its infrastructure and get the city of San Francisco going, TimeLive’s 24/7 support is always there to help to those in need. The easy to install software requires no technical knowledge but to save time and hassle on which an employee appreciated, “I had problem installing the software. I contacted customer support. Every time the response has been quick and very helpful. Thanks Azlan for your help.”


All the other considerations and queries were addressed by TimeLive’s team and the software was installed at their work premise. In case, anyone got stuck while using the software, TimeLive was just a call away.

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