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About Tech Mahindra

Representing the connected world Tech Mahindra provides innovative, and customer centric information technology services and solutions to their clients. To consistently achieve top quartile growth they enable their employees to realize their potential and creating value for stakeholders. They provide solutions and services in IT, business services, etc.  Driven with motivation they aim to provide the best of services and solutions to their customers in an effective and timely manner.

Challenge: Tracking time on projects

Information Technology is sector that is growing day by day with the advent of latest technologies and innovation. Staying updated on the latest technology and inventions is top priority. With a number of employees over 400,000 tracking of time, assigning tasks, and managing resources is not an easy feat. Tech Mahindra serves clients ranging from the banking sector, to health care and retail etc. Therefore it is necessary all projects are executed on time and without any hindrances.

Solution: TimeLive – Making tracking time easier

With the integration of TimeLive in to their workspace, Tech Mahindra has been able to track Time Off of employees easily; each employee can punch in their time in and out on their respective dashboards making it easier for supervisors and managers to assign tasks effectively and avoid any discrepancies and reduce any wastage of resources.

The result:

As a result they have managed to make most of their work, time and human resources. Managers and supervisors can easily assign tasks and time offs. This has resulted in a hassle free work environment as the management has full authorization where they can point out the problem and find effective solutions to it.

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