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About TeleApps India Pvt. Ltd.

TeleApps is a solution integrated consulting and service provide, they have extensive knowledge and experience in delivering a wide range of services across consulting, implementation, training and ongoing support. Their team consists of seasoned engineers and representatives that have years of experience in the market that provide work of high caliber. Their services are available around the clock to ensure that delays are reduced and quick responsiveness.

Challenge: tracking time and tasks on projects

With technology changing at a rapid speed with companies looking for future proof designs for themselves, the lines between the suppliers is becoming blurry with a focus on customer services. Therefore companies need to keep up with the demands of their clients quickly and efficiently. TeleApps has had hindrances regarding project management, time and tasks tracking, longer duration on projects, wastage of resources etc.

Solution: TimeLive - make time and tasks tracking on projects easier

After the implementation of TimeLive into their workspace, TeleApps managing timer off and time sheets of employees has become easier. Each employee has a dashboard where they can punch in their time taken on each project. The managers and supervisors can easily look at the expenses for each project and find effective solutions to any discrepancies in the workspace.

The result:

The result has been a seamless and hassle free work environment, managers and supervisors have been able to manage projects efficiently. They were able to reduce any wastage of resources, manage time and tasks effectively without any hindrances.

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