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About Terralog technologies

Terralog technologies is an international services providing company that specializes in petroleum geo-mechanics and disposal waste management. They use Slurry fracture injection (SFI) technologies, an environment friendly to place Petroleum Exploration & Production (E&P) waste, Bio-solids, and contaminated soils in the deep subsurface. Terralog is the leading deep well disposal services provider and has established itself as an added value to the Deep Well Waste Disposal as part of their Zero Discharge Waste Management strategy for clients.

Challenge: tracking time on projects

The petroleum geo-mechanics and disposal waste management industry plays a very integral role in the development of the society as a whole. It is very important to keep up with the demands of the world for the production of oil and gas while maintaining an environment that is free of pollution with minimum waste. Terralog technologies has had hindrances such managing time on certain projects, tracking of human resource management, longer duration on projects, and tracking tasks etc.

Solution: TimeLive - made time and task tracking easier

After the implementation of TimeLive in to their workspace. Each employee has a dashboard where they can punch in their work on projects and time taken on each. Managers and supervisors can look into the discrepancies in the work and find effective solutions to them without the wastage of resources and time as they have full authority over the sheets.

The result:

The result has been a seamless and hassle free work environment. The managers and supervisors can easily track time and tasks on projects and find immediate and effective solutions to problems.

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