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About The Earle Companies

The Earle Companies are New Jersey based companies specializing in Private and Municipal Road Construction and Paving, Heavy and Highway Construction, as well as the Manufacturing, Recycling and Transportation of construction related materials. Through their 40 years of work history they have distinguished themselves as one this industries premier companies. From their beginning till today and into tomorrow, they aim to continue to build New Jersey’s roads with Quality, Efficiency, and Integrity. Throughout the history, the Earle Companies have been recognized for the Quality that they deliver. True Quality is something not easily achieved and takes continued dedication to perfect. When Walter R. Earle founded The Earle Companies in 1968, Efficiency was the key to survival. Today it remains the key to continued survival and growth. For nearly forty years they have been known and respected for the honest and fair manner in which they conduct their business and themselves.


As evident in the company introduction above, The Earle Companies has never compromised on their reputation and values i.e. Quality, Efficiency and Integrity. After a thorough research and exchange of words they finally signed up with Livetecs’ Timelive web-based timesheet for efficient and quality work and management that they couldn’t find elsewhere. Though the application is so straightforward and easy to setup, they faced trouble while assigning roles to the employees and thus contacted the customer service to resolve their issue.

One of their seniors while talking about the issue said, “Our Company has always been known for the best at whatever we do. We could never imagine taking risk with our repute by selecting any forged software for our business management. However after a comprehensive evaluation of almost every product available in the market we finally chose Timelive. It is so easy to use but we faced problems setting up roles."


The usage of Timelive is so simple and easy that every person with basic computer knowledge can easily operate it successfully. The issue The Earle Companies faced was due to a minor misunderstanding as they were trying to find and locate roles in the Employees’ section. In Timelive, there are some System Defined Roles which cannot be assigned to an employee manually. In Employee form such system roles do not appear in the Role list. The Detail and workflow of these roles are defined below. After the company contacted Timelive, they were comprehensively guided about the issue which eventually resolved them all. Their manager said, “This was the only issue we faced. Now when we have understood everything, we find the product so easy which is versatile and designed for multipurpose. The services it proffers are matchless."


“Our deeper research finding the best product, hoping it to be as superior as our repute, has proved us right as usual. We could not have better than this product for our company"

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