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Time off Tracker by Livetecs

Expertly manage your employee absences with time off tracker by Livetecs. Try it today.

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Systematic Leave Management with Our Time Off Tracker

With ease and no worry, manage employee leave and organize your workforce with our time off tracker. Our inclusive software simplifies the tracking process and managing time off. It ensures smooth operations and increased productivity for your business.

Time Off Accruals

With our free time off tracker accruals feature, you can efficiently manage employee leave accruals. Simplify the process of managing accruals for different types of leave that includes annual leave vacation leave and sick leave. This ensures accurate tracking, compliance with organization’s policies, and transparency for both employees and managers.

Leave Requests

Restructure the leave request process with our instinctive interface time off tracker. Employees can seamlessly submit leave requests, mention the type of leave, and include any important notes.

Approval Workflow

Adapt approval workflows according to your organization’s structure with our time off tracker. You can seamlessly designate approvers for different types of leave and set up automatic notifications to keep everyone informed.

Centralized Calendar

With our centralized calendar view feature in our time off tracking software you can visualize leave schedules. This helps you in easily see who is off on any given day and plan projects timely without any hassle.

Reporting and Analytics

With detailed reports and analytics feature of our time off tracking software, you can understand your team’s leave patterns. It also helps you in identifying trends, keep a record of absenteeism, and make informed decisions to organize staffing levels.

Streamline Your workflow with 1000+ integrations

Yes, we integrate with all the tools you’re already using, so you can run everything in one place.

Integration Options

Our time off tracker can be seamlessly integrated with your existing HR and payroll systems for better workflows and correct record-keeping.

Mobile Accessibility

We off you our mobile app that gives you easy access to our time off tracking software. It helps the employees to request leave, managers to approve requests, and administrators to manage schedules anytime, anywhere on the go.

Security and Compliance

Our time off tracking software employs comprehensive security measures to protect sensitive and confidential employee information. We assure you that your data is secure and compliant with industry regulations.

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