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Keep time tracking of projects and tasks efficiently with our TimeLive Time Tracker Software

Track My Time feature of Timelive facilitates managers in the monitoring operations to effectively monitor the achievements of their workforce while they work around the clock. The Track My Time feature also helps the supervisors to determine the productivity pattern of the workforce during different times of day and can identify opportunities to motivate workforce to achieve desired performance. The TimeLive comes in really handy in monitoring the employees’ productivity hours and keeps a good check on their performance.

Best time tracking tool for monitoring Employee work hours time

Effective human capital management is what all the big and small organizations want these days because in this modern business era everyone understands how important it is to keep the motivation level high for each and every employee. Timelive is a premium hours for the major concern of monitoring your human capital management, it helps you to monitor what your employees are achieving while they are working around the clock and if they are not able to unleash the top most potential what is the cause of that? It is essential for any organization to identify the problem before moving on to the solution and The Timelive’s work time tracker app gives you that rare opportunity.

Closing the gaps

The Track My Time feature plays a key role in closing the communication gaps within an organization. It assists the decision makers in the company to make informed decisions regarding succession planning and also a fair policy of performance appraisals can be derived by the Timelive timesheet software. You will always have your employee’s time data using the Track My Time feature when making important decisions regarding their career path in the company or even use it to motivate the employee to work harder. Timelive Track My Time feature keeps track of projects and tasks; it is the best software for a small business with extensive time management and monitoring solution to the managers with customizable and user-friendly reports.

Time Tracking Features

Email Notifications & Reminders

E-mail notifications can be customized to remind employees about their pending timesheet and also reminds the manager for the pending approvals. There are other useful notifications as well in Track My Time feature of TimeLive software that can be used to notify employees about the changes in system.

Customized Reports

Detailed and summarized online timesheet reports are available with all possible filters. You can create reports and also customize previous ones.

Custom Periods

Track My Time supports customized periods for your time sheet input in accordance to your preferences.

  • ❯ Daily
  • ❯ Weekly
  • ❯ Semi-monthly
  • ❯ Monthly
  • ❯ Bi-weekly.

Customized Approval Path

You can define approval paths in TimeLive accordance to the hierarchy that is followed inside your organization. This provides a structured solution so that respective managers can approve of the project in a sequential manner instead of manually sending requests for approvals to each and every manager in accordance with the hierarchy.

Validations And Policies Setup

You can implement your own policies on to the time software in accordance with your Human Resource department such as

  • ❯ Minimum and maximum hours per day to be worked
  • ❯ Minimum and maximum hours per period
  • ❯ You can lock previous/next periods
  • ❯ You can determine the week start day and weekdays

Audit Trail

Audit of Track My Time keeps track of every input/modification of each timesheet.

Global Access

The Timelive is accessible from all around the world through a simple browser.

Security and Vulnerability Tested

TimeLive is full "Vulnerability and security tested". More info about vulnerability and security testing in TimeLive.