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Time Tracking Software by Livetecs

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Put your workflow in order with TimeLive

Are you struggling to regulate your team’s efficiency and productivity? Livetecs brings you TimeLive, a time tracking software especially developed to meet the needs of latter-day businesses. Easily manage your tasks, clients and monitor your team’s proficiency with our time tracker software.

Email Notifications & Reminders

Have all your deadlines in control with automated email notifications and reminders with our advanced time-tracking software. Managers and employees are notified with personalized reminders for pending approvals and timesheets, procuring task completion and project delivery right on time.

Customized Reports

Retrieving detailed reports isn’t a hassle anymore with our time tracker software. Monitor time usage, project progress and team’s performance in one click.

Custom Periods

Custom time tracking periods in our time tracker software allows you to align with your different business and workflow needs.

Customized Approval Path

Offers you the leverage to define approval paths in accordance with your organization’s hierarchy with our time tracker software. This systematic approach permits the managers to timely approve projects without fretting. There’s no need to manually approve requests by each manager separately. Enjoy the convenience of our free time tracking software as it orients your approval processes and massively improves efficiency.

Validations And Policies Setup

Maintain accuracy and compliance by implementing time tracking policies and validations. Keep your projects updated and within budget with our time tracking software.

Audit Trail

Provides transparency and accountability for all project activities by tracking every action and modification with a detailed audit trail.

Global Access

Check your time tracking data with our time tracking software in any corner of the world, at any hour, enabling non-interrupting collaboration and remote work capabilities.

Security and Vulnerability Tested

Say bye to worries and let our legal time tracking software protect all your sensitive data with advanced security measures and frequent vulnerability testing. All kind of information against potential threats and breaches is safeguarded with our time tracker software.

Streamline Your workflow with 1000+ integrations

Yes, we integrate with all the tools you’re already using, so you can run everything in one place.

Coherent Time Tracking

Effectual monitoring of projects and tasks with our time tracker software. It gives managers the required space to monitor employees’ achievements, their productivity patterns. It also facilitates them in making versed decisions regarding appraisal policies.

Bridging Communication Gaps

Helps in bridging communication gaps within organizations. It also aids the decision-makers in fairly planning the appraisals.

Monitor Employee Work Hours

Take it as the best time tracking tool for overseeing your employee work hours. With our time tracking software human capital management can be effectively managed and employees’ productivity issues can be identified easily.

Why Choose Our Time Tracking Software?

User-Friendly Interface

Easy and user-friendly interface makes it easier for all the employees to track their time accurately.

Advanced Security

Advanced encryption and security protocols protects all your sensitive data.


Adjust all your business needs regardless how big or small you are as an enterprise.

24/7 Support

Customer support team available round the clock to solve any queries or issues immediately.

Improves your team's productivity and conveniently manage all your work timelines

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