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TimeLive in Compliance with SOX


TimeLive Timesheet software helps ensure the accuracy of your organization’s Sarbanes-Oxley related data by making it easier to verify that capitalized engineering and software development costs that are amortized over time in the company’s financials are correct.

TimeLive and Sarbanes-Oxley

Sarbanes-Oxley Act

TimeLive TimeSheet Solution

Section 302 – Production of Accurate financial reports to be reviewed by certified officers
  1. TimeLive automate time and expense tracking processes, resulting in accurate record keeping.
  2. TimeLive provide detailed audit trails contributing to organizational success. No opportunity for fraudulent behavior.
Section 404 – Ensure ethical financial reporting practices and strength of internal control structure
  1. Login and password security.
  2. Role based permissions.
  3. Historical records of all time and expense transactions are recorded for auditing purposes and can be reported at any time.
  4. TimeLive include a complete approval process and workflow.
  5. E-mail notifications hold managers and employees accountable.
  6. By automating time and expense tracking, abuses and errors are reduced, creating significant savings for organizations
Section 409 – Report changes to financial conditions or operations to the public without delay
  1. TimeLive application can be queried for accurate real-time information.
  2. Configurable reports to track changes and approvals
Section 802 – Destruction, alteration, and falsification of records
  1. TimeLive provides historical records of all time and expense transactions for auditing purposes. Details of historical transactions can be reported upon at any time.
  2. Approved transactions are locked down to protect data integrity. The transaction can only be re-opened by the system’s Administrator or a manager who has been designated that particular permission.
Section 906 – Corporate responsibility for financial reports
  1. Your company’s executives can report on the company’s liability obligations at any time.
  2. Managers and executives can generate time and expense balance reports for any individual employee, group(s), or the entire company.
  3. Through the utilization of Summary Reports, management is able to analyze the most complex business dealings pertaining to time and expense.
  4. Status reporting can generate detailed audit logs of time and expense information from submission to the final status of each entry on online timesheet.

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