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TimeLive Other Useful Features

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Custom Fields

You can collect the desired data by defining the fields on your own. You can generate fields anywhere for example: online timesheet, tasks, reports and projects etc. Custom fields allow you to accumulate data that is most useful to you, you can treat that data as secondary data if you decide to conduct an inside research in your organization.

Customizable Role Based Security

The access to the system can be customized on the basis of managerial structure of an organization. Customized access to a certain person can be granted depending on the role of the employee in that organization, for example an HR manager is concerned more about the target levels of new recruits in contrast to what is the strategic marketing plan for the new product, so the access for the certain information can be granted to the HR manager.

Custom Reports

Custom FieldsCustomized detailed and summarized reports can be made with the following added options.

Dashboard View

The dashboard view allows everyone to customize graphs and data that is to be shown when they are logging in.

Gantt Chart

The Gantt chart allows you to effectively interact with your employees and also to be aware of their work load. You can allocate work to the employees who have relatively less tasks at that moment as compared to the ones who are already engaged in several hectic projects.

Multi Language

All major languages are available.


You can import and export data through CSV files.

Customized E-Mail Templates

All the e-mail templates that are included are customizable in order to maintain the language of the notifications according to your preference.

Ldap And Open Ldap Integration

It is used to verify user from your from your own LDAP and Open LDAP servers.

Single Sign On

The single sign on feature allows you to automatically sign in when you sign in to windows.

Audit Trial

Audit trial is to maintain a check and balance of the changes made to timesheet and the status of approval that is against them.

Change Terminology

You can alter the descriptions of application by simply setting up a terminology. For example if you want to replace tasks with duties everywhere and you can do it by simply setting up a terminology.

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Timelive Other Useful Features

Livetecs has designed Timelive in such a manner that the organizations could consume the maximum utility through this amazing cloud based time tracking software. Timelive is filled with benefits for organizations of any scale but it also provides some distinct useful features that makes it user friendly and reliable for important purposes.

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