configure Jira Web Hook

Before you begin you need to collect some prerequisites, click Here

To successfully Integrate Jira with TimeLive perform the following steps

  1. Login to your Administrator JIRA account.
  2. Click on Setting(in left panel)
  3. Click on System in Jira Settings
  4. There is a option ‘User email visibility’ you have to change that to Public same as showing in a screenshot. (please check screenshot:
  5. Click Update
  6. Goto this address
  7. Click Generate API Token
  8. Define your Token a Name then click Create
  9. Copy this Code for used as JiraKey
  10. Use your Jira admin Email Address for JiraUser
  11. If you are using Tempo Time sheets then follow steps from 12 to 16 otherwise proceed to 17th step
  12. Goto Tempo in your Jira Account
  13. Click Settings
  14. Click API Integration under User Preferences
  15. Click Get Access Token
  16. Copy this Code for use as TempoKey
  17. Click on System in Jira Settings
  18. Scroll down you’ll see Webhooks option in the sidebar
  19. Click on Create A Webhook button
  20. Define your webhook a name ie TimeLive-Webhook
  21. Change the Following URL according to your data and paste it in URL
    https://{SUB DOMAIN}{Your API Key}&AuthToken={Your AuthenticationToken}&JiraUser={Your Jira User}&JiraKey={Your Jira Key}&tempokey={Your Tempo Key}
    Use Subdomain, APIKey, AuthToken JiraUser, JiraKey, and TempoKey (if using tempo time sheets) for changing. Leave remaining URL unchanged
  22. Mark check on required options same as showing in a screenshot: (please check screenshot:
  23. Click Save

Sample URL after changes should look like this