Best Time Clock App For Employee Attendance By Livetecs.

Mark your attendance on the go. Our Time Clock Mobile App empowers employees to mark attendance through any mobile device with internet through a simple scan.

Attendance From Mobile Application

  1. Download Time Clock Application by TimeLive from App Store”.
  2. User should log in to the Mobile App using its Timelive credentials (1st-time process),
    1. Username: Your id like(
    2. Password: Your password
    3. URL: use your TimeLive Url(
  3. If you need to change the Login ID in the app, first log out from the app and then log in with different credentials.
  4. User can mark attendance from the app in two ways,
    1. Mark attendance using your QR code provided by Admin.
    2. Mark attendance using your Employee Pin provided by the Admin.
  5. If Location permission is enabled by the Admin, the App will save the device location on every Time-In and Time-Out along with device information, like device name, device model, and device OS version.
  6. If Image capture permission is enabled by the Admin, the App will capture the user’s image using the mobile camera on every Time-In and Time Out.