TimeLive Database Setup:

At first launch of TimeLive, system administration should create and setup TimeLive database, if [SQL Server 2008 Express] engine is excluded in feature selection dialog box. In this case, a system administrator can setup TimeLive database by providing these parameters. Using this setup page, a system administrator can create a TimeLive database on any local or remote SQL server instance. SQL Server instance can be either SQL Server 2000, 2005 or 2008.

This utility can be launch separately also by opening below mentioned URL in your browser:
Using database setup page, an administrator can perform following database-related functionalities.

  1. Create a new database and populate schema: (for setting up the new database) This option creates a new database, new database user and populate tables and default data in it. This also updates TimeLive configuration file (web.config) with this newly defined database connection settings.
  2. Populate schema only (For shared hosting): This button creates database tables, objects and default data in the already created blank TimeLive database. This is useful for users who are setting up the TimeLive database in a shared hosting environment where there is the separate tool available for creating a database. This also updates TimeLive configuration file (web.config) with this newly defined database connection settings.
  3. Use existing database: This option will allow the administrator to configure TimeLive with an existing TimeLive database.

Database setup parameter definition:

Server Name: SQL Server database server name or IP address where SQL Server is installed. It can be any SQL Server 2000, 2005 or 2008 server address.
Instance Name: (Optional) SQL Server instance name, if SQL Server is set up with some named instance.
Authentication Type: SQL Server authentication type. TimeLive recommended authentication type is [SQL Server Authentication], but system administrator can configure TimeLive database on windows authentication also.
SA Login: As this utility creates a new TimeLive database and a new TimeLive database user, only SQL server user with [System Administrator] can create a new database on SQL server.
SA Password: Password of “sa” or any system administrator equivalent login.
Database Name: Database name which is required to be created on SQL Server.
TimeLive Username: Name of the user which will be created automatically by this utility for accessing the TimeLive database by a TimeLive application.
TimeLive DB Users’ password: Creates TimeLive DB user with this password.