Sometimes, companies change their policies int he middle of the month and want it to be effective from immediate effect but in TimeLive, it will take some effort to change the Timesheet Period for those users who fills their timesheets frequently. Many times, administrator tried to change their Timesheet Period Type but their timesheet period is not changing. For Example, from Weekly to Monthly or vise versa.

There is only one reason for this,that there are already atleast an hour entered in that period due to which the period is not changing. Any employee’s timesheet, which is empty, will immediately change except for those who have some entries.

To Resolve above issue and change the Working Day Type:

If you are facing the above mentioned issue,you need to remove any entry for that period of time of that specific employee. You can remove the entries from Admin Options > TimeEntry Archive.
After the entries are removed for that specific period, the period will be automatically change. Try to relogin again if it does not reflect at first.