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About Verus

Verus, established by qualified professionals, values clients and their requirements more than anything and delivers valuable way outs to intricate and everlasting challenges. The organization is devoted to continually improving processes and technology to deliver value to customers while sustaining a dynamic and supportive environment for their team members to flourish in. It owns a multi-disciplined team to formulate the right solutions for their clients with proficiency in claims evaluation, operations, information technology, Statistical Analysis, finance and accounting.


Verus regards its clients not just as customers but as its partners because they are the reason it flourishes. It thrives to meet its customers’ needs and requirements and before delivering any solution it takes time to deeply know its clients and their expectations. Once they are done understanding the clients’ firm and objectives, Verus build up a thorough plan and deal out the fitting blend of services, workforce, and technology. With this idea of excellence, Verus not just wanted their clients, projects and data to be exercised through simple task management software but through something that they own and can customize whenever needed and desired as.

Verus team member explaining their situation said, “When you aim the best you need the best. To provide our clients a proper satisfaction of services they get from us, complex settlement, analytics & eDiscovery, we wanted to keep track of all of the correlated happenings through an excellent but a simple way that besides giving us the desired management could also save up time. We found so many software offering such services but not with proper and reasonable purchasing rights and rebranding options."

Solution: Super helpful and customizable Timelive with purchasing rights and rebranding opportunity

Livetecs’ Timelive presents various licensing options and ownership rights. The license type and price range depends on the selected standard of the company. Selecting the desired licensing option one after buying the software can extra modify it as needed and even sell it further to other clients and customers along with the source code and rights of ownership. The best databases such as SQL server and NET framework are employed in developing Timelive that efficiently manage business and projects. The information transfer is supported by the SOAP protocol.

One of their seniors said, “The range of functionalities the application offers left us surprised when we first utilized it. Not only is the application itself but Livetecs’ support team also fantastic. The application gives us a lot of flexibilities to reconfigure it with what we need (rebranding version). For the occasional trivial changes, Timelive support team even created a new version for us to save our time to line up and set out the changes. It is definitely a great application with great support"


“We got what we wanted; had never imagined that getting ownership rights could cost so cheap. Thumbs up!"

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MultiPurpose Use Passages software like versions.

Modern Designs Passages software like versions.

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Easy To Use Passages software like versions.

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